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What is CBD and what are the top 6 uses?

Canibidiol, also known as CBD oil, is derived from cannabis, created from chemicals naturally found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil doesn’t include THC, the substance that leads to intoxication. CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana although the oils sold over the counter are derived from hemp, a cousin of the marijuana plant which is why it does not produce the “high” often associated with marijuana. Research has indicated that CBD oil can offer many benefits in the management of anxiety, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain and even for your pets.

Discounts on CBD

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1. Using CBD for Insomnia

Employee Discounts on CBDResearch indicates that CBD oil can be beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia. It is believed the oil may increase overall sleep as well is improve the sleep that you do get each night. It is believed that CBD oil interacts with serotonin and GABA receptors in the brain. Serotonin plays an important role in anxiety while GABA is an inhibitory transmitter that calms excess activity in the brain. The drug works similar to melatonin, a natural aid that many people use for insomnia. However, melatonin does not have anti-anxiety properties. Many people who suffer from insomnia state that they “cannot turn their thoughts off” which is why they cannot fall asleep or stay asleep once they do. Because CBD oil can actually reduce activity and anxiety, it helps people fall asleep and wake refreshed the next day, unlike other types of sleep aids.

2. CBD Nutritional Products

Employee Discounts on CBDThere are several ways to take CBD oil, including tablets, capsules, and drops. You can also get protein bars and energy drinks with the oil included. Because CBD is believed to help people who suffer from nausea, these energy drinks and bars are a good way to get nutrition as well as a dose of CBD. The bars and drinks are created from quality ingredients which may include hemp seeds and extract combined with chocolate chips, cashew butter, and other healthy ingredients. They can be used as a quick meal or a snack on the go. You can even tuck them into your desk drawer to fight that afternoon slump or place them in your gym bag for a pre or post-workout energy boost.

3. Better Relaxation Using CBD

Employee Discounts on CBDPeople who are undergoing chemotherapy are often given prescriptions for medical marijuana to address nausea and to assist with pain relief. There are studies that indicate CBD oil may provide the same benefits. A study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health found that CBD oil may reduce pain from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle pain, and spinal cord injuries. It may also be a valuable tool in addressing chronic pain. In the United Kingdom and Canada, nabiximois, a combination of THC and CBD, is used to treat pain from MS but many researchers believe it is the CBD in the drug that is providing the most anti-inflammatory properties. There is research to indicate that CBD may stop the body from anandamide which is believed to regulate pain. Increased levels of anandamide may reduce the pain you feel.

4. Pain Relief with CBD

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At the end of the day, finding your CBD and hemp oil at a reasonable price is not impossible. You simply have to know where to shop and compare products and prices. It allows you to get the very product you need for any reason you need it.

5. Better Skin Through CBD

Teacher Discounts on CBDThere is evidence that CBD oil may affect receptors in the immune system, reducing overall inflammation in the body. For this reason, researchers believe it may show some benefit in people who suffer from acne. One human study found that the oil prevented activity in the sebaceous glands which are responsible for producing sebum in order to hydrate the skin. If the glands secrete too much sebum, it could lead to acne. Although sebum helps protect skin from damage, it can mix with dirt, dead skin cells and pollutants. If that mixture becomes trapped inside pores, it could lead to acne. Other research has found that CBD triggers an anti-inflammatory reaction in cells, preventing inflammatory cytokines from activating, further reducing acne breakouts. CBD oil also offers antibacterial and antifungal effects, also reducing the risk of infections on the skin.

6. Benefits in Pets

Employee Discounts on CBDThere is evidence that CBD oil may even be beneficial to your pet. Scientists claim that cannabinoids interact with receptors, known as endocannabinoids, in the central and peripheral nervous systems. This can help maintain balance in the body and keep your pet in a normal, healthy state. It has shown promise in helping animals deal with nausea, appetite, anxiety and pain. It is also being studied in the treatment of seizures in both humans and pets. This could mean a pet with arthritis or anxiety may benefit from the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties of CBD. Currently, the AKC Canine Health Foundation is sponsoring a study that will evaluate the use of CBD in dogs whose epilepsy does not respond to traditional treatments or medications. This may provide significant scientific data on how CBD may benefit animals who have seizure disorders..

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